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Time Capsule Thursday! 1950’s Jughead

Jughead is the best friend of Archie Andrews in the Archie comics that have been around since the late 1930’s. Jughead is a smart, snarky, laid-back, easygoing and rather odd high school student. He’s obsessed with eating food, and is generally uninterested in any kind of romance. Most see him as being lazy. Jughead is commonly…… Continue reading Time Capsule Thursday! 1950’s Jughead

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Under $20…Steampunk Inspired Costuming!

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” This photoshoot around downtown Winston-Salem,NC with Julie Jackson was so much fun! She is an amazingly beautiful as a person and photographer. Her and her assistant (aka her hubby) are so great to go out and adventure with. She has such…… Continue reading Under $20…Steampunk Inspired Costuming!

$20 Cosplay

Under $20 Cosplay :Quicksilver Days Of Future Past

I remember a few years back when two versions of the same character had been announced in the Super Hero movie universe. It’s all fun and games until they release photos of a character….that’s when the internet comes in. #notmy…. whatever, Omg I thought he would be taller…she needs to be thinner….why aren’t they…all the…… Continue reading Under $20 Cosplay :Quicksilver Days Of Future Past

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My Favorite Uses For Coconut Oil!

Dry hair ? … coconut oil!  Scrapes and burns? … coconut oil! Cooking? … coconut oil! World crisis? …coconut oil! Well perhaps not that last one! But seriously coconut oil is amazing! It can be used for so many purposes. I wanted to share a few of my favorites! 1.) Makeup Remover: I just started…… Continue reading My Favorite Uses For Coconut Oil!