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Outlander Day And Meeting Diana Gabaldon!

I had the BEST time yesterday on Outlander day. Outlander is my favorite show and one of my favorite book series. I becaame interested in the books through the show. After I had watched the first two seasons on repeat for 2 weeks I decided I just had to know what happened next to these…… Continue reading Outlander Day And Meeting Diana Gabaldon!

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Under $20…Steampunk Inspired Costuming!

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” This photoshoot around downtown Winston-Salem,NC with Julie Jackson was so much fun! She is an amazingly beautiful as a person and photographer. Her and her assistant (aka her hubby) are so great to go out and adventure with. She has such…… Continue reading Under $20…Steampunk Inspired Costuming!

$20 Cosplay

Under $20 Cosplay :Quicksilver Days Of Future Past

I remember a few years back when two versions of the same character had been announced in the Super Hero movie universe. It’s all fun and games until they release photos of a character….that’s when the internet comes in. #notmy…. whatever, Omg I thought he would be taller…she needs to be thinner….why aren’t they…all the…… Continue reading Under $20 Cosplay :Quicksilver Days Of Future Past