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Self Love,Body Talk,Positivity

Being Body Positive is difficult these days. If you listen to social media…none of us are ever good enough. “Eat a sandwich skinny bitch,choke on that same sandwich lard ass.” We have this crap drilled into our minds and eyes daily via memes,etc. Even some body positive memes are directed at making others feel bad.…… Continue reading Self Love,Body Talk,Positivity

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“What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been…”

I live in the United States Of America. In North Carolina to be exact. You may have heard of us. We are the state who decided to pass a law saying you had to use the restroom of the sex listed on your birth certificate. No way to police this obviously. It’s called ย The Public…… Continue reading “What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been…”

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Alternative Facts

Today an interesting thing happened. It’s just another typical Sunday. I’m drinking my coffee. It’s rainy and I’m playing an amazing coffee-house jazz mix I’ve discovered on Youtube…while cruising Facebook when it happened… A ย real life adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984 flashes right before my eyes. If you haven’t read 1984 then …here’s the gist…… Continue reading Alternative Facts

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The Triad Women’s March

“The voice was chanting as the fog was lifting This land was made for you and me…” ~Arlo Guthrie After the election I was bombarded with “He’s your president,get over it” “Keep your legs closed” “The ACA and Obummercare are different things!” “Protests don’t change anything,waste of time just like you” “Need another bottle or…… Continue reading The Triad Women’s March

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My Inauguration Day Resolutions

So today 1/20/2017 and for the time that follows my personal resolutions are these: To continue to promote positivity. Help encourage everyone around me. Make and hand out more gift bags to the homeless in the area. Volunteer in the community more. Inspire where I can. Contribute anywhere I can be of assistance. Start hosting…… Continue reading My Inauguration Day Resolutions