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Outlander Day And Meeting Diana Gabaldon!

I had the BEST time yesterday on Outlander day. Outlander is my favorite show and one of my favorite book series. I becaame interested in the books through the show. After I had watched the first two seasons on repeat for 2 weeks I decided I just had to know what happened next to these characters. What ended up happening is I read through all the large novels and all novellas in less than 2 weeks. I just couldn’t stop. AND I’ve been stumped ever since. If you know of any great series you could suggest for me to read next …that would be awesome. I’ve tried and nothing strikes me as much as those characters.

Outlander day began for me and my boyfriend,Colton,by drinking Highlander Grogg coffee and watching the first episode of the new season on Starz. The episode is called The Battle Joined and it was everything I had wanted it to be!

“Sing me a song of a lass that is gone
Say, could that lass be I?
Merry of soul she sailed on a day
Over the sea to Skye…”


Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

After we watched the show we headed to Bethabara Park in Winston. This park is mentioned in the book as a place Claire and Jamie traded at while establishing Fraser’s Ridge. SUCH EXCITE. The park did an excellent job of really setting the mood!

There were presentations about herbs Claire would have used to heal,blacksmithing and about the immigration of the Scotts to various locations in NC!

The buildings on property are amazing and filled with history. You can smell it and feel it. The Bethabara Moravian Church was built in 1788. Beautiful,isn’t it??

We were thrilled to see that they had a room filled with kilts and bonnets you could rent for free to wear at the event!

Oh yessss this is happening!! It’s OUTLANDER DAY!!

After a tour of the Medicinal Gardens we wandered through the back into an area filled with mud houses!

It was a beautiful day at the park…couldn’t have asked for better weather or company!

After this we headed over to our final event on Outlander Day.


YES….SQUEEE!! Actually when Diana posted about giving the Keynote Speech at The Bookmarks Festival AND doing photos and book signings…that’s when everything else for the day fell together for me. Me and Colton grabbed tickets and decided to make a day of it. We were lucky we got there when we did. The line was already wrapping around the building and we were about 2 hours early. By the time they opened the auditorium …the line had indeed wrapped around the building and was back around the other side. It was intense. BUT everyone was in a great mood! Outlander fans are the best!

Once inside we got great seats and waited. They had given us a group number for the book signing after the speech. That number was based on where you were in the line. We were number 9.

A trio of musicians entertained our filled SOLD OUT auditorium until speech time. I was so excited! Diana did not disappoint. I had no idea how hilarious she was! She had us all laughing the whole time!

I won’t lie…we waited three hours to meet Diana,have a photo made and the book signed. The signing line worked like clockwork. Everyone had a place and a function and helped move everything along SO much faster than I thought. I figured we’d still be there at 12…I have no clue what time Diana got out of there! Bless her ♥♥♥

*dies* I was SO happy!!

She even said my name correctly!! Le sigh….heaven 🙂 I could not imagine signing THAT Many books and interacting with that many people. She never missed a beat!

I think I am still a little exhausted from it all. It was a fantastic day start to finish and I am SO looking forward to the next episode of Outlander! It’s going to be an amazing season…and I need a kilt!!!!

The Droughtlander is OVER,




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