My May Favorites!

As per usual this month went by way too fast! But I found some amazing new products that I can’t live without!

This month T.J.Maxx surprised me with some great finds! They had Lavanila’s The Healthy Body Butter!! This is one of my absolute favorite lotions. I discovered this brand via a deluxe sample in an Ipsy bag a few years ago! The full size lotion retails online and in store for $19 but I found it for $7.99 which is a steal! I’ve been into fresh scents this Spring and this Fresh Lemon Vanilla scent is magic ๐Ÿ™‚

Happiness in a bottle

I also found The Body Shop Bath Bombs in Smoky Poppy! I love that this brand is so commonly found at T.J.Maxx and I LOVE BATH BOMBS! These were a limited edition retailing for $15,I got them for $4.99! This was a must have for me. At first I thought there were just three BUT each one splits apart making six in all. Sometimes it takes a full bomb to make your skin feel great in the bath but not with these…half is perfect! It’s hard to describe the scent of this but there’s plenty of it as well as poppy seeds.

Last item from T.J.Maxx…is this Vintage Collection brand makeup brush cleaner. I paid $3.99 for this and ohhh how it works! I ran brushes through this I had already cleaned just the day before…and turns out…they were STILL filled with makeup.

After the last few months the Loreal Micellar Cleansing Water in Waterproof is my new go to makeup remover. I love this stuff. It makes makeup removal so very easy!

Rimel’s Scandaleyes Eyeliner…OMG. This is a $4.49 eyeliner that stays put on me better than any of my high-end ones. There is no smudging,even when I rub my eyes all day, and stays true to color till removed! I have been highly impressed all month with this bad boy! I’ll be purchasing it in other colors asap!

Baa Bar Bubble Bar from Lush. This little guy was fantastic. He was so cute that I didn’t want to crumble him! But once I did it made the most beautiful lavender water that helped calm my nerves and soothe me to sleep. Lush just has the best products!

The Tarte Tarteist Pro To Go Palette is LOVE. I’ve been using the crap out of this palette this month. $23 well spent!

My music mood this month has been mainly Jazz and Coffee House Mixes! Towards the end I’ve gotten into listening to some 90’s mixes as well. Those bring back some wonderful memories haha.

On tv this month I’ve obsessed with Tiny House,Big Living. Also 12 Monkeys dropped its entire newest season! American Gods continues to impress and The 100 ended with a bang. Can’t wait to see where that’s all going!

One of my favorite places this month was discovering The Baker And The Bean on Spring Garden Street in Greensboro,NC. This place is gorgeous and has SO many options! Anything you could want they have! We tried the tiramisu,a cinnamon roll and an Almond Joy bar along with some vanilla lattes. It was all amazing.



And my garden…Spring rain has been good! Lots of growth! Having a graden keeps me sane!

Until next time…

Loving life,



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