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April Retail Therapy!

I hadn’t been to the mall or REALLY shopped for myself in forever. April hasn’t been the best month for me mentally so yesterday I took a day to myself and just had fun all on my own. I bought lots of stuff that makes me happy…that’s dangerous!


  • Tarte Tarteist Pro To Go Palette $23
  • Tarte Tarteist Lip Wardrobe Volume II $12
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume Set $18

Like instant happiness!


I’ve been debating buying the Daisy perfume for over a year now. I practically live off samples,haha. I hate rollerballs but they don’t seem to make the Eau So Fresh version of Daisy in anything but that…or the full bottle which is $100. No way! This box set will satisfy me though! The mini bottles are super cute and this will last me a while. $18 is not crazy.


The Tarteist Pro To Go Palette was a surprise to me. I saw it at check out and opened it up. WOW! It’s so pretty! It hit me that it would be perfect to throw in my overnight makeup bag. BUT once I swatched it…I was in love.


These colors are so buttery smooth and blendable. The two metallic shades have me convinced that I need to order every metallic single shadow Tarte offers.

I’m not wearing primer under these shades!

I fell in love with the Tarte lip paints when I received my birthday set from Sephora this year featuring Tarte Lip Paint and Amazonian Clay Blush. It’s the only lipstick I wear out anywhere bc it keeps my lips soft,doesn’t xfer and last all day. I wanted more but $20 for just one color wasn’t happening. I’m cheap. BUT this set is perfect! For $12 you get two shades in two formulas! Perfect to try out!


Quick dry matte lip paint in Rosé (rosy nude) :

And Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Fomo (mauve):

Both were winners for me! And they are different from Birthday Suit which is my usual go to shade! Super excited about these!


Next up I hit Big Lots for some….junk? Haha :

  •  Epielle Face Clothes. I’ve used about every variety of these Big Lots carries. I like these best. I  use them to clean brushes off in between washes or to wipe my face down one last time after makeup removal. They work pretty good on their own as well when use of minimal makeup
  • Herbal Essences version of Moroccan Oil…I try any of this I find. My hair is super coarse.
  • Cotton Rounds to use with my Micellar water


Also! Kandee Johnson’s nail polish collab with Sinful Colors was at Big Lots! The whole set! The funny thing about this color,Kanfetti,is that I bought this SAME polish at Sephora last year. It was $10 and by a different brand…I ended up returning it. This was like $1.90,I believe!

Nexttt  I hit up Hollister. I haven’t been in one of these in years! I like the clearance section bc everything in this place is overpriced anyway. I found two really cute off the shoulder tops for 50% and then splurged on one of my all time favorite scents….Malaia. I’ve never had the bigger fancy bottle. So…feeling good about this. It’s $30 so…I dig.

I looked everywhere in the mall for stack rings. Not even Claire’s had any…so bummer that! BUT…I found them at Walmart….$4.88 for all these! I love all the variations and sizes! So many ways to wear them!

At Target I found the coloring book that will save my soul. Jenny Lawson : You Are Here. If any of you suffer from depression,anxiety or just like fun pictures to color…this is your book. It’s $12 but it’s over 130 pages of just inspiration,beauty and fun.

Cats dig it too!

And….last but not least in any way….plants!! I just had to have some more succulents bc…you can never have enough right?

I always try to get the strangest ones I can find 🙂 Target had this cute paperclip holder for like $7 so I’m using it like a Celfie vase instead of ordering one for $30 🙂 I felt like the day was perfect when SnapChat gave me an option for a succulent crown!

So there you have it. They say you can’t buy happiness BUT hey…you can buy things that can be colored,shimmer,or can grow….and that ain’t bad 🙂

Until next time…

The Succulent Queen,




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