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Free Bzz Agent Box Featuring L’Oreal Micellar Water!

What IS Micellar Water??

Micellar water is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. These micelles are supposedly attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities without drying out the skin. So micellar water can be used as a facial wash, makeup remover and moisturizer all in one! It doesn’t have to be rinsed!

I had received some micellar face wipes in an Influenster box last year. They were ok for facial makeup but they fell very short on removing eye makeup. Not impressive. My relationship with micellar was done. BUT…BzzAgent offered me a test slot for the actual water this month and I accepted. What can I say? I’m a curious cat 🙂

Bzzz Bzzz…so cute 🙂

Many companies jumped on the micellar water. This particular one is by L’Oreal. We’ve been testing  a lot of products from them lately. If you dig L’oreal and want free stuff check out BzzAgent.

Can’t wait!

BzzAgent is seriously one of the easiest product testing companies to work with! They are always sending me great stuff for testing purposes! For this particular testing experience we got to decide which version of the formula we wanted. I chose:All Skin Types/Removes Waterproof Makeup.

The L’Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water 13.5 oz retails between $7.89 and $9.99

Full size!

They say to use cotton balls,etc but I’m all out. I grabbed a dried out cleansing cloth I’d left out by accident to do the job instead. I poured out an amount about twice the size of a quarter and went to work.

It removed the makeup,including mascara,effortlessly! No burning,no stinging! My eyes aren’t typically sensitive but sometimes products like this will still bother them.

The amount I first poured out was more than enough to do my entire face! That means this bottle will last for a long time! That’s fantastic!

I’ve been using this product for a week now to really try it out. Here are my thoughts!


  • Removes ALL Makeup fast
  • No burning/stinging/redness
  • No breakouts
  • No rinsing
  • Easy to travel with
  • Inexpensive/great value
  • You don’t have to use a lot/will last
  • Leaves face feeling soft and moisturized


  • If you have oily skin this may make that worse as it does leave oil on the skin afterwards. You could always use cleanser though to get rid of that.

I recommend this product to anyone looking for something that works great and fast at removing all makeup types without hurting your eyes!

Until next time…

Feeling clean,



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