Spring FabFitFun Box Review!

I’ve been debating jumping back into subscription boxes for a few months now. When I came across Fabfitfun it seemed to have everything I needed! It’s not monthly,it’s quarterly, so I won’t get a bulk of mascaras and liners building up in my drawer. The value of the boxes I looked at were insane! $250 worth of nice full-sized products for $49.99? Sounds great!


Still though I held back until this month. I was debating buying a roundie blanket anyway and my search through ebay left me lost. All of them were around $20 and getting mixed reviews. When I saw that one was included in the Spring box,there was a promo code for $10 off and that the Dr.Brandt Exfoliator was included as well (that sucker is $79) I was SOLD!


It truly is beautiful to open up! My cats were very excited too 🙂

I love the magazine that is included. It tells you everything you need to know about the products in the box! And I mean everything! It also has articles and inspiration.


So what’s included???

Gypsy 05 Roundie $50

These are awesome! It’s basically a round shaped cloth you can use at the beach,as a tapestry,for a picnic,as a shawl or even as a backdrop for photos! I love this design! There were three different ones and I secretly wished for this one! These are not beach towel material. They feel like a table cloth,just to be 100% real. I was expecting that but I know a lot of people weren’t.

It’s BIG! My bed is a Cali King

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Repairing Leave-In Conditioning Spray $20

This is the first Briogeo product that I LOVE. The scent is so soft and nice and it tamed my frizzy curly hair so well! WINNER!

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator $79!!!!!

I akready know I love this #OBSESSED

Milly Zip Pouch $45

With these there were four different sayings. I love this one!

This bag is lined and meant to be used to store your wet bathing suit in on vacation or for cosmetics! It is SO much bigger than I thought it would be. I wasn’t aware of this brand before this box! CUTE STUFF!


Karuna Hydrating+Face Mask Set $28  

Sheet masks are a new love for me. I dont know why it took me so long to try them! They give instant results!

4 sheet masks! A months supply!!!!

RealHer Lip Kit in Neutral Pink $48


There were three color options for this lip set, Pink,Red or Nude. It was unfortunate that I got the pink because it’s not a color I would ever wear at all. The swatch shows the lipstick as a much darker color than what it appears on my lips. It has lasting power though! The liner doesn’t even match the colors at all. It’s really bright. I tried my best to work with it! The plumping lip gloss was ok. The color was more sheer so I’m okay with that. Not upset about it.

Emerald Duv “Joshua Tree” Cage Bracelet $80

I’ve never considered myself a cuff gal……I AM CHANGED. This is beautiful and I’m so glad I got it in my box! $80!!!

Deborah Lipmann Nail Polish Set in Blue Orchid/Like A Virgin $19

Blue Orchid is verrrry nice. Two coats is complete perfection. Like A virgin is very sheer. It would be perfect for a French Manicure! Otherwise it takes around three/four coats to show the bottle color.

Nature’s Bounty Hair,Skin,&Nails Strawberry Gummies 40 ct. *extra in the box that doesn’t count toward the total cost*

Super yummy!

Even if I just got this box and then cancelled…wow…getting all this,a $359.00 value,for  $39.99 is a steal.

Cat not included! hehe

Reasons I personally recommend this box:

  1. Full sized products
  2. Value of products
  3. It’s a sub box with cute jewelry!
  4. It covers health,beauty,and what’s going to be popular!
  5. You can discover new amazing brands!
  6. It’s quarterly so you won’t get an excess of small sample sized products like with other subscription boxes.
  7. The “Fit” part of this month was that they launched their own excercise channel and it’s fabulous! You can do Barre,Yoga,Bootcamp….all sorts of stuff! It’s like having a personal trainer at home! I was impressed!
  8. It’s like a big beautiful gift you give yourself! And we all deserve that!

Bonus… if you have a cat they will love the box!

You can get $10 of your first box here :

Until next time….

Trying out new thing,




4 thoughts on “Spring FabFitFun Box Review!

    1. I understand subscription boxes try their best to accommodate what everyone would like but I think some things should be choices….like the jewelry selection and colors of lip kits. I think it would make the fan base so much happier overall. I saw a lot of complaints about both. I believe if you’re a year long subscriber then you go to choose the color of the roundie. It’s nice that they do that but dang ….we all paying!

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