Time Capsule Thursday

Time Capsule Thursday! 1950’s Jughead

Jughead is the best friend of Archie Andrews in the Archie comics that have been around since the late 1930’s. Jughead is a smart, snarky, laid-back, easygoing and rather odd high school student.

He’s obsessed with eating food, and is generally uninterested in any kind of romance. Most see him as being lazy. Jughead is commonly identified by his long nose, half-closed eyes, “S” sweatshirt, and crown-like button beanie hat, called a whoopee cap!

As time passes there have been many incarnations of this fun character. Most recently The CW show Riverdale sets the characters up against a murder mystery scenario. It’s one of my current favorite shows! With a new approach comes a new look for this fan favorite. Same elements,different look!

Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones in Riverdale on The CW

Since I’m throwing it back today I decided to give my version a 1950’s sort of pin-up look. I had decided to do a Jughead cosplay when Riverdale first premiered and I got hooked! This week it was time to put everything together! I made the hat and shirt myself and they are both still,even after this blog,in progress. I’ll be adding another blog on those pieces once I debut the cosplay itself and get professional photos.

Makeup is simple!

I applied all base face makeup so now I begin with my brows. I’ll be wearing a black wig for this cosplay so we need them to match! I wear wigs a lot so I keep a basic black pencil liner around just for use on my brows.

Next I’m using my Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette because it’s perfect for pin-up looks!


I used Baby as my browbone highlight, Stark all over and Zone in the crease and blew it outward into a cat eye. I love these shades SO MUCH! This palette is amazing.

Next I applied Ardell lashes in Natural. BOOM. I really like this brand. I’ve reused this particular set quite a bit too…they have held up so well under my abuse!

A cat eye is necessary! I used my new Lilyhouse liquid liner for this. This is my new favorite! It’s just so great! it’s waterproof too and stays forever!

To finish off my eyes I used my Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Crayon in the waterline and Tarte’s Maneater liner under the bottom lash line. These really open the eye area. I used Maybelline’s Colossal Big Shot Mascara on my bottom lashes and one coat on the false lashes (No I don’t call those falsies bc I’m old school. To me falsies will always refer to boobs 🙂 hehe).

To finish the makeup I used L.A.Splash Lipgloss in Red Carpet which is my all time favorite red. Tastes like vanilla and is crazy pigmented.

To cosplay it up I’m adding my wig,my “S” shirt,a jean vest and my whoopie cap!

“What? Sardonic humor is just my way of relating to the world.”

As stated before this is a cosplay in progress so it’s still in need of some finishing touches. I need to add buttons to the hat and add another coat of paint to both the hat and shirt. I really like this first makeup test though! It’s coming along nicely.

“Our story is about a town, a small town, and the people who live in the town. From a distance, it presents itself like so many other small towns all over the world; safe, decent, innocent. Get closer, though, and you start seeing the shadows underneath. The name of our town is Riverdale.”

Until next time…

Waiting on Riverdale to come on tonight,



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