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How I get Free Stuff!

I started looking into getting free stuff in the mail right around the time I had way too many subscription boxes. I was enrolled in Ipsy, Glossy Box and Sephora Play! and I kept basically getting the same stuff over and over. I had way more mascara than 3 people could use in a year. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE SUBSCRIPTION BOXES but then I saw that a friend of mine was getting some cool ones free through Influenster. So as any person with common sense would do…I investigated! Can’t be free,right? Nothing is free? Shipping&handling charges…at least…right?

Influenster : 

And I found out it was indeed,100% FREE! No shipping&handling…nothing. Just free for testing purposes. Details about the whole Influenster sign up,campaign and social media process can be found here : What Is Influenster?

Some free boxes I’ve gotten so far,in the year I’ve been involved, are these:

It’s pretty varied and most everything I get is full size! That’s a brand new Brita Stream!

If you are active on social media,love to review products and are crazy about free things then check this program out here : Influenster

After I found this free program I googled a bit and stumbled into Bzz Agent!


BzzAgent is more about word of mouth than posting on social media. You receive items and usually some sample packs to give to friends or coupons! Details can be found on my blog here : Being A BzzAgent!

Here are a few of the items I’ve received 100% free from them!



Yes….a complete line of Loreal skin care products…all full size…for free. AMAZING!

If you like to try new products and don’t want to post about it online I’d recommend this program very much! There’s really very little interaction involved. After you use the products you review them for Bzz Agent only,no posting to any social media sites unless you just want to!

If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in check it out here : Bzz Agent

Pinch Me!

Next I signed up for another program that isn’t at all involved with social media. To check out the details click here: PINCHme!

You basically get to choose your own samples with this program once they become available online. The choices available are based on your preferences when you fill out your account information.

Here are some of the items I’ve gotten in my Pinch Me boxes:


They don’t even skimp on the packaging! Super cute boxes 🙂 I’ve chosen the cat food sample bag three times now,I must admit! I use it as cat treats 🙂

If choosing your own items once a month and having no interaction with social media is more your style then check this program out here : Pinch Me


Next up is the only survey for money program that I’ve ever found to be legit! Details on my experience can be found here :  What Is Points2Shop And Is It Worth It?

This program does take time as you are answering surveys that sometimes last 10 mins or 45! The length of the survey determines the amount of points you get. These points can be used to purchase anything you want off Amazon,you can buy gift cards with them , or you can have them converted into cash and sent to your paypal account. If you prefer,they can send you a check instead! So many options here! I spent some of mine so I could see if the program actually worked and YES,it for sure does!

I still have around 3000 points left but here are a few items I’ve purchased using my points so far:

If you have extra time to fill out surveys,like spending money on Amazon or just would like some extra cash then I highly recommend this program! Check it out here : Points2Shop


This is my favorite freebie program of all! You basically answer questions or post photos to facebook or twitter and you get points. Once you get 1000 points then you get a $5 gift card to Amazon. Not only that but you can also apply to sample loads of products. I only just started Crowdtap at the end of Feb and already I’ve received all these samples:


And with the Amazon gift card money I’ve earned I was able to buy these things:

After this I sort of went wild with free stuff. I found a bunch of sites through an online blog and signed up for as much as I could.

Other Sites That I have Tried And Had Good Results From:

For daily freebies sent to your address check Sampables

Here are some items I’ve received from this site directing me to merchant sites for freebies:

Some of these can take 6-8 weeks to receive so I’m still waiting on a bunch of items from when I first signed up. Samples are available for everything from safety goggles and wine glasses to essential oils,vitamins and makeup!

Reward Survey:

Lastly I was able to receive two free magazine subscriptions! If you like magazines and would like some for free then check this program out here : Reward Survey

The magazines did take a little time to get to me but hey it’s free! I am not complaining!


I have been so amazed at how much free stuff is out there when you look for it. With just a bit of effort you can get huge rewards! None of these links are referral links for me. I get nothing for you signing up. I just feel like sharing the word because I’m so excited about all the great stuff I’m getting!

Until next time….

Searching for more free stuff,




14 thoughts on “How I get Free Stuff!

    1. With Pinch Me,I get cat food like every single month haha. Like that’s what they think of me….cat supplies. I also got that packet of Burt’s Bees protein once but I couldn’t find that photo.Other than that…some free coupons,body wash,that scrubbing cloth and that’s it. Not as exciting as Influenster for sure haha.

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