Salem Essentials & Apothecary Review!

Salem Essentials&Apothecary or S.E.A is a company based locally here in NC out of Kernersville! I discovered the brand while shopping at one of my favorite downtown shops recently! AND YES,they ship!

From the “About Us” section from  the S.E.A website…

“We make small batch, handcrafted, natural bath and body care products in the USA. We make real products for real people. Real products are simple blends of natural ingredients, made fresh and affordable. Real people? That’s you!”

They are cruelty free,natural,gmo and gluten-free!

I like that! I also reallllly was liking this Bunny bath bomb! It was the first product that caught my eye!

Ok,seriously? How could ANYONE say NO to THAT?? I didn’t even realize it had a fragrance until later when someone pointed it out haha. It was coming home with me regardless. It was was a bath bomb…and it was glittery. What more is there?

Well a lot actually! Not only does S.E.A make bath bombs BUT they also make scrubs,salts,lotion bars and body butter! I’m pretty sure I saw this BUT I was focused on bombs. The super nice sales lady said they were 3 for $18 …SOLD.

Here’s what I picked up:

Honeysuckle. It smells amazing. Real honeysuckle is a favorite scent of mine! I love the petals they added,very nice touch!


Tropical Coconut. SO YUMMY,SO GLITTERY. Couldn’t pass that up!


And…my precious Bunny. He’s Summer Berry scented and GLITTERY


They have a great selection to choose from,there’s something for everyone. Some other bombs available were : Lavender, Ocean Mist, Midnight Rose, and Rainbow Glitter. I’d gladly try them all!

My cat really liked them as well!

I used my Bunny bomb last night and it was GREAT!! It fizzes just like Lush and made my skin feel incredible! I will say…this is a complete GLITTER BOMB. If you enjoy bathing in glittery water and still having glitter on you 3 days later..then this is the bomb for you! They don’t skimp on the glitter 🙂

I am excited to try the rest and to try more products from this S.E.A! It’s always fantastic to find local companies making products that rock your world!


Until Next time…

Soaking away,



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