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What Is Points2Shop And Is It Worth It?

I recently signed up for yet another “get free stuff” program. This one is called Points2Shop and so far I am beyond thrilled with it!

I always heard that getting paid to take surveys was a scam…I’ve also tried a few programs that were a waste of time. This one works! Totally legit!


Signing up with P2S is super easy! Like with anything else you sign up with your email address and activate the membership through a link in your email. The interface shows your points or cash earned,merits,messages,etc. There is also a chat type box for interaction. You can even add items as a “goal” to work towards.

Screenshot (2)

I haven’t navigated through much of the site other than the “Earn Points” and “Redeem Points” pages in the month I’ve been involved.

“Earn Points” page is a snapshot of all the ways you can earn points on P2S. You can take surveys,play games,refer other and watch clips to earn. I only do the surveys myself. Once you click on “surveys” it takes you to a screen with survey options. It shows you how many points or cash you will get if you qualify for the survey offered. Typically qualification for me has been maybe 1-5 mins of questions. Sometimes you are not qualified for a survey and yes it’s a bummer but there are always other surveys available. I just move on to the next. If you don’t qualify then they put an entry into the sweepstakes for you. Typically the sweepstakes prize is a gift card and there are two you can choose from.

Screenshot (4)

After you earn points or cash you have several options on how you can use it. You can convert points into cash 100 points = $1.00 and have that transferred to your Pay Pal or Dwolla account. Options also include a check,an Amazon gift card,virtual Visa or to use the points through Amazon for whatever you want! That’s the option I’ve chosen both times now. And here’s what I’ve gotten!

My local Ulta has been out of this mask every time I’ve shopped there recently so I used points and got it through Amazon!

And…this no longer carried in stores Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Palette.

I still have a couple thousand points left. I’m just so excited that I was able to get these items completely free just by spending a little time each day answering questions! I could imagine this would be great for someone blogging to review products without having to buy them all or for anyone short on cash. You can order anything you want,there’s no rules…clothes,jewelry,makeup,books…whatever! So if that’s something you think you would be interested in….then check it out!

Until next time…

Checking out more surveys,





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