$20 Cosplay

Under $20 Cosplay :Quicksilver Days Of Future Past

I remember a few years back when two versions of the same character had been announced in the Super Hero movie universe. It’s all fun and games until they release photos of a character….that’s when the internet comes in. #notmy…. whatever, Omg I thought he would be taller…she needs to be thinner….why aren’t they…all the things???

Quicksilver was just this…and since there were to be two versions, it was hilarious to watch.

The first version got HATE. This was the X-Men Days Of Future Past (DOFP) Quicksilver played by Evan Peters. Sporting a Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon t-shirt,SILVER AF hair,a rad silver jacket and a walk man….people flipped shit.

Image courtesy of Screen Rant

The second was Aaron Taylor-Johnsons takes in Avengers The Age Of Ultron. He’s got the suit and some silver-ish hair. He is most screen accurate as far as what your typical fanboy will want to see.

Image courtesy of ScreenCrush

The characters could not be more different though. You can see the personalities just by looking at photos. As a cosplayer…I lean towards any character that’s gonna be having fun wearing a Pink Floyd shirt. That’s just how I roll. His scene in DOFP (X-Men: Days Of Future Past) made the whole movie for me. I was planning this cosplay ever since I saw it for the first time !quick

So….let’s begin. I want a great cosplay and I want to do this as cheaply as possible…as is customary for me. Here’s how I did it…

My boots were obtained at Rue 21 for the super clearance price of just $3.99! I just happened upon these… It was like a sign that I needed to do this cosplay my friend had suggested. Game on! The blue shoe strings I found for .50 at Goodwill.

The next part was the Pink Floyd shirt. Again I searched everywhere including online but ultimately found it at Forever 21. I paid the most for this item, $9.99, because of how it felt! It’s the softest shirt I own and I wear it all the time…worth it!

I already had the wig but I saw similar ones online for $7.99 and up. Shipping included.

Goggles were found at Goodwill for .25,I painted them silver. Nothing fancy,just regular swimming goggles. After that all that I used was a black skirt/leggings that I already had and some knee-high socks that a been given to me. Silver makeup for this look was easy. I used cheap loose silver pigments and E.L.F’s glitter glue. Nothing moved,that stuff is magical!

So that makes my total for everything I had to purchase for this cosplay to $19.72

For professional photos I wanted something straight from my favorite scene in DOPF. Kenneth A  Kivett Photography is composite king! SO I headed to Charlotte NC to let him work his magic.

“If I could save time in a bottle…..”

This character is a blast to cosplay. It’s my most comfortable costuming,by far! I look forward to adding more to it and popping it out at a convention soon.

Until next time…

Fast like lightning,



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