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What Is Crowdtap?? FREE STUFF??

So…what is it??

Crowdtap  is an online community that connects consumers with brands. You can directly influence new products and marketing ideas, share feedback with popular or new up and coming brands, test products, and win prizes!


I first heard about this through a blogger I follow! I did some online research,as per usual,because…if it’s free….it’s too good to be true right?? It seemed legit based on many sources so…. I decided to give it a try!

Once you sign up and make your account you will start to connect with brands. You will perform “missions” which can consist of activities such as answering poll questions and sharing your views. Sometimes it will ask you to post photos or share the products videos on Facebook or Twitter. Once each mission is complete you get points!

This is my personal dashboard,a few of my brands,how ,much I had earned,etc

Each question you answer can be worth 2-20 points. If a mission requires you to post photos or your views on certain items to your facebook or Twitter,it’s worth more points. Once you get a certain amount of points you get a free $5 Amazon gift card to use however you wish! At first I was able to win two $5 cards for each 500 points I earned. I did this the very first day I enrolled on the site! After that it switched to 1000 points to win a $5 card. I don’t have a huge issue with that. It’s still free money,just takes a bit longer.

An example of a question that I answered to get 20 points.

When you earn an Amazon card reward this is sent via e-mail code. You get one e-mail telling you your reward will appear within 1-2 business days and then you get the e-mail with the code. These have been very prompt for me! In order to test out the system I ordered a product the very first day. Then later I ordered a few more items 🙂 So far,so GREAT! You can order whatever you want!

BUT it’s not just earning points and getting free money it’s also about testing out FREE PRODUCTS! While participating in some missions you can apply to test out a product from that specific company. I applied for the French’s Dijon Mustard mission my very first day on Crowdtap and was approved. I got the product within two days of receiving the e-mail saying it was being shipped out! No shipping charges,no fees in this program at all!

Shortly afterwards I was approved for a second free product mission featuring Mrs.Meyers products! FULL SIZE!  I was SO stoked! They smell amazing and are a great alternative to regular products that use chemicals. After you receive the items and test them,Crowdtap will have you review them,post pictures and then your mission is over!

My most recent free items have been Tide 4 in 1 PODS which changed my world! They make doing laundry so easy and there’s so much less waste. We go through so many big plastic containers,I’ve been trying to repurpose them as much as possible. These will cut down that need!

So…I really love this site and am happy I signed up! I check in throughout the day and see if there are any new missions to interact in and any samples to apply for. If you like interacting on social media,being helpful and contributing to changes in ideas and like trying free stuff…this is for you!

So far I’ve been a part of this since Feb 13th and I’ve received:

  • 1 12 oz bottle of French’s Dijon Mustard Made With Chardonnay retail value of $2.50
  • 1 12 oz bottle of Mrs. Meyers Basil scented Hand Soap retail value of $4.99
  • 1 12 oz bottle of Mrs. Meyers Basil scented Hand Lotion (smells so amazing!!) retail value of $4.99
  • 4  Tide 4 in 1 pacs retails for 23oz at $9.00,my value est at $1.60
  • 1 1.6 oz Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant retail value of $7.99

Earned enough money to buy:

  • 1 Wet N Wild MegaGlow Highlighter that is ALWAYS sold out in store $4.99
  • 1 Dandelion I Wish Necklace that has been on my Pinterest wish list for years! $2.49
  • 1 Lilyhouse waterproof felt tip eyeliner $1.99

And I still have money left! I just earned another reward last night so that brings my total in cash to $25 and total in product to $22.07 just for a few moments of my time!

If you’re interested in other ways to try free products, check out my other blogs here:

Until next time…

Getting my missions on!



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