$20 Cosplay

Under $20 Cosplay : Mary Poppins!

I like my cosplay characters to be a little different. I am inspired by everything from the pop culture of no to the styles of old. Victorian inspired Mary was fairly easy. The main elements are her easily recognizable hat and color scheme. As per usual,we are also trying to keep this cosplay under $20!

What I made: The Hat

A photographer friend had given me this squashed pirate hat. I rarely ever “pirate around” so I decided to repurpose it. It was super easy to reform by hand. It’s a heavier felt so it retains shape. I cut the blue band off,popped the top up and down to form what you see on the right. Then I added the flowers and beads. The beads were the most pricey part of the costume,right at $5. It’s the only part I bought. I had everything else already. The flowers were broken bits that Michael’s let me have for free 🙂


The rest of this cosplay consisted of:

  • A red piece of ribbon I swiped from a pirate hat I never used.
  • A white ruffled neck shirt found at Goodwill previously $3.75
  • A black skater skirt found at Goodwill previously $3.75
  • Petticoat found at Carolina Thrift in the kids Halloween section $1.00
  • Thigh highs I purchase yearly when Spirit is closing for the season $2.00
  • Victorian Boots purchased years before
  • Black wig that I always have on hand,ebay $6.00
  • Black ruffled lace jacket that I thrifted for $3.00 years back and have worn the hell out of.
  • Lace glovelettes that I made years before.

So for me this cosplay total cost was $5.00


Ta DAHHH. I do under $20.00 cosplays to show that anyone can thrift together something magical. All these pieces can be thrifted or cheaply acquired. With this style of costume you can save money in the footwear dept by thrifting a cheap pair of boots and making spats or boot covers to transform them!

A wig isn’t even necessity. Reality t.v. star/clothing designer Lauren Conrad was Mary Poppins for Halloween,a few years back, and just used her own sandy blonde hair. It was adorable!

That’s the fun of cosplay! You can make it your own!

“Mary Poppins,practically perfect in every way”

All photos provided courtesy of Keymoon Photography

Anyone else super excited for Mary Poppins Returns…with Emily Blunt?! I just saw the very first photo of her in costume and I approve!

Until next time….

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ly yours,



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