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Time Capsule Thursday : The 1960’s

My absolute favorite period of all time is the 1960’s. Every idealized part of it appeals to me. In my perfect life I would have been born in 1950 so that I could be a teenager during the last few years of 60’s. I would hitchhike my way to California. There I would protest THE MAN,play guitar on the street for change…wearing my bell bottoms and love beads. Everyone compares me to Janis Joplin anyhow…haha

“If you’re going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair..”

I LOVE the music: Jimi,Janis,The Doors,The Beatles,The Animals,Glen Campbell,The Monkees,John Denver,The Mamas And The Papas…countless others. I am obsessed with the fashion! I even love the silly variety shows. I love it all … right down to the shag carpet.

The 60’s started one way in style,music and fashion and ended up entirely different!

There is A LOT to cover so…this will be the first of a few Time Capsules we’ll be opening up on the GROOOOVY 60’s 🙂

Today I thought I’d go for a Twiggy inspired look. I’ve always loved it but never have tried that sort of mod look myself!

I’ve already applied my base makeup consisting of concealor,powder and contour. I didn’t bother doing anything to my brows. Then I’m basically going to follow the guidelines pictured here!

I took a black pigment with a small e.l.f smudge brush to my crease. It started messy but it’s easy to clean up later. The first step is laying down foundation…so to speak.

Next I used a Wild And Crazy Lip and Eye Liner pencil in Snow on my water line and then used that as a base eye lid shade.

I applied a loose pigment also in white directly on top of this liner and then blended out the dark lines.

Next I used my Too Faced liner brush e.l.f.’s black cream eyeliner to draw on bottom lashes. This gives the long lash effect that Twiggy popularized! NO fake lashes needed! I used that same cream liner to wing out my top lid.


I applied some super cheap Walmart Halloween clearance lashes to the top then applied Icona Milano Emotion Allowed waterproof mascara to them. This will chunk them up a bit and make them darker and fuller. Also added mascara to the bottom lash line.

Last step in makeup is lips! I went with Almay One Coat Lip Color in Innocence. Just a pretty slightly frosty pink. Perfect!

Excuse me while I pop on some fake bangs for sassy fringe,a peace sign necklace,feather earrings,a peasant top and a floppy hat…..

The white liner REALLY opens the eyes and gives it that POP! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bottom lash effect. Hell I may wear that every day haha! No wonder Twiggy did it!

“Then I saw her face, now I’m a believer
Not a trace, of doubt in my mind
I’m in love, and I’m a believer…”

I may have to stay in the 60’s the rest of this week. I can’t stand to leave it behind 🙂 It’s in my soul ♥♥♥♥♥

“I love the flower girl
Oh, I don’t know just why, she simply caught my eye
I love the flower girl
She seemed so sweet and kind, she crept into my mind…”

Until next time…

Idolizing Joan Baez and staring at Davy Jones,



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