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Mascara Testing…1…2…3

I’ve been wearing mascara since middle school. This is thanks to my mom who told me if I didn’t that my eyelashes would curve downward! She was kidding but I didn’t know that at the time! I had a close friend who had eyelashes that did indeed curve down. She did not wear…

Over the years I’ve tried a lot. I’ve also received SO many deluxe sized samples of mascaras over the past year due to subscription services like Glossybox and Ipsy. Some I try on to review then never use again,some stand out and some just blow me away.

Today I decided to put a few of the popular ones to the real test,try them all on and see how I personally feel. I’m running out of room and it’s time to clear them out if they aren’t working!

What I’m looking for: Length,volume and not spidery looking lashes with clumps

First up: Benefit Cosmetics : they’re Real! Lengthening Mascara $25

“lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates. The long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!”

  • Pros : Length,doesn’t flake,good pigment
  • Cons: Price,clump,spidery upon second coat,the weird spikey tip does nothing good for me except get on other parts of my eye. I really dislike this wand. It’s difficult to get off with regular remover…even though it’s not water proof.

Benefit Cosmetics : Roller Lash Curling And Lifting Mascara $24

“A mascara inspired by hair rollers, this super-curling and lifting mascara gives a sexy, wide-eyed look. Its patent-pending Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush features tiny custom-designed hooks to catch, lift, and curl even short and straight lashes.”

  • Pros: Length,natural looking,really grabs/separates/lifts lashes,no flakes,good pigment,nice volume,the wand design is fabulous…it really makes a difference
  • Cons : Pricier option,test on animals! UGH

Smashbox X-Rated Mascara $23

“A mascara with audacious volume that lets lashes go from dramatic and defined, to exaggerated, layered volume.”

  • Pros: Nice pigment,length,ok volume,wears nice,no flaking
  • Cons : Pricier option,get’s clumpy upon second coat,tests on animals…eew UGH

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara $23

“Full Exposure Mascara creates a 104% increase in lash volume for scene-stealing lashes at every angle without smudging, clumping, or flaking.”

  • Pros: Great length,niiiice volume,separates,nice brush,no flaking,nice pigment
  • Cons: Can get clumpy on second coat,takes a minute to work through,pricier option

Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara : $6.29

“Get a blast of lush, volumized lashes! LashBlast’s patented volume-boosting formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max-out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big lash look.”

  • Pros: Great length,great volume,nice pigment,natural look,applies fast and evenly,no clumps,LOVE THE BRUSH,fantastic separation,inexpensive,easy to pick up anywhere,can be found at Big Lots for $2.50 usually!
  • Cons: They test on animals!! UGH WHY???

Overall thoughts:

Ranking in order of which ones I felt worked the best for me,I’d have to say…

  1. CG Lash Blast,can’t beat it!
  2. Benefit Roller Lash! Unique and a perfect high-end option.
  3. Smashbox Full Exposure.
  4. Smashbox X-Rated
  5. Benefit they’re Real!

My issue with all these brands is that they do test on animals. Supposedly Benefit and Smashbox are cruelty free but it seems upon more research… that they aren’t 100%

So..the search continues. Any thoughts,suggestions,any certain mascara you can’t live without??

Until next time…

Debating all the things,





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