Time Capsule Thursday

Time Capsule Thursday : The 80’s

What can I say about the 80’s??? Looking back,it’s hard to believe I even lived then,haha. SO much has changed! I was born in 1981 so a lot of what I remember is from a child’s perspective.

I collected Barbies/shaped erasers/stickers,loved Lisa Frank, reading, music and Sanrio….which we all called “The Hello Kitty Store.” The “in” thing was to get a clipboard there and have it personalized with your name. My first name is Tona so as you can well imagine … I had found nothing up until that point with my name on it. I STILL can’t find anything with it on it haha. No special Coke can for me!

I was a huge fan of movies….esp horror movies. At sleepovers I always made my friends watch Texas Chainsaw massacre (original) or Halloween (original) and scared the crap out of them. I just loved the characters.

I liked regular movies too,I swear! And tv …so many great shows! I still watch Full House,Roseanne, Designing Women and Golden Girl reruns. I know them all by heart!

Styles in the 80’s were BOLD,BRIGHT….just IN YOUR FACE WILD and creative! Hair was BIG,teased,sprayed,permed,crimped….up in a scrunchie. Anything seemed to go. Makeup trends matched your personality.

Music was….fun…innovative…

Clothes were…well..interesting! Gunnie Sax dresses were all the rage,especially during dance or prom season. I remember M.C. Hammer pants,mix match Converse,puff paint,tight acid wash jeans and exercise shorts being BIG!

“Everybody have fun tonight! Everybody Wang Chung tonight!” ~Wang Chung

TECHNOLOGY! Our families were buying VCR players! Computers became available at school. I believe we had just one in certain classrooms back then. It only had the one game…and you know the one. “You broke an axle,everyone dies” ! Your own personal phone for your bedroom was a need in life. Not a cell phone,not a separate line (didn’t exist)…just your own rad phone.

Nintendo changed my life…..

I wanted to create a fun 80’s “party girl” type look today with bright colors and crimped hair. I started by priming my face and then just used concealor and powder. I brushed my eyebrows up but it didn’t do much for the look. I usually have busy 80’s brows BUT I’ve been learning to trim them with scissors. Dang it! haha.

I used Hikari blush in Tango pretty heavily on my cheeks and swept it up the side of my face and around my brows toward my forehead. No lie…I saw a ton of real photos from the 80’s where this was done.

Next I dove right into the eyes. I know exactly which palette I want to use…my beloved Urban Decay Spectrum. It’s currently in stock and on sale on their website for $29! It has the most beautiful wild shades!

It’s so perfectttttt.

I started with Deep End and used that on the inner sections of my eye area..all the way up to the brow…yep.

Next I used Protest next to Deep End to blend it out a bit and add another pop of color.

On a different brush I used Omen and swept it out and past my brow area…like ya do. I love this shade SO Much!

I added one layer of Backlash. Using a primer under this REALLY makes it pop but I opted to use a setting spray and do the second layer wet. Perfecto!

After I had the pinknass of Backlash in place I used Flashback to deepen the outer section of my eye and blend out the crease.

I added my trusty Marc Jacobs gel liner and a few coats of CoverGirl LashBlast mascara!

Lips finish the look. I decided to really make them pop with NYX Lip Suede in Pink Lust!

I didn’t feel like they popped enough so I used Omen from the Spectrum palette to top it off in the center. Exactly what I was looking for! BOOM!

I plugged up the ol crimper about 30 mins ago so ….it should be just about ready to fry my hair 🙂 I don’t actually have bangs anymore so I couldn’t achieve the “flower pot” styles of the 80’s but comb over bangs are always a classic 🙂

Popped colors,jean material with pearls,cross necklaces,big earrings! Totally Boss!

Can I just tell you how much fun this was? I’ve been to a few 80’s themed parties and I always have the most fun on costuming and the bright makeup! It’s just not something I do very often so it’s special.

“I want to be the one to walk in the sun
Oh girls they wanna have fun… ” ~Cyndi Lauper

Of course I as just a kid in the 80’s so no party girl for me…unless you mean birthday party! So…here’s what I actually looked like back then…

Until next time….

Sings,”Walk Life An Egytian” *strikespose*

~Atlas Moonkitty


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