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Influenster Brita Stream VoxBox!

I have nothing but great things to say about Influenster! I love receiving cool new products to try out and sharing information on social media. If you haven’t heard of Influenster and their free boxes for testing purposes then please check out my blogΒ What Is Influenster?


My latest free item to test was a Brita Stream! I was sort of confused at first. Are they actually sending me a whole Brita pitcher??? For free??? YES,Yes they did!


This product retails in store for $29.99! WOW! I was really excited that it came in red. I just assumed that I would get it in a standard white color …like the older model I have already. NOPE! It’s so pretty!


So I took a week to test it out and see the differences between this new snazzy model and the model I currently have.

New vs older model.


1.) The newer model is red and has a really pretty design.

2.) It seems to holds more water because it filters the water through as you pour,no reservoir to deal with. The older model you have to pour the water reservoir…then wait for it to filter…then fill some more…and it

3.) It tells you when to change the filter! With the older model,you basically had to keep track of when you should change it yourself.

4.) Water tastes clean! Brita filters are great for that πŸ™‚

This will help me SO much!!


I actually only have one…it’s that it doesn’t pour out as much water as the older model. You can tell by the photo the difference in size. That’s not a deal breaker by any means…just something I wanted to point out. I read the enclosed materials and they point out that this design is so that you can easily refill reusable water bottles and that makes complete sense to me! I don’t use those types of containers but if you do… my con could be a plus for you!

BIG difference.

This is my best free box so far with Influenster! I’m super excited that I was chosen to receive this product because I’m now able to replace an older product I loved with a newer version that works even better!


If you want to get involved in this awesome free program then check out Influenster!

Until next time…

“That’s some high quality H2O!”

~Atlas Moonkitty



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