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My Favorite Uses For Coconut Oil!

Dry hair ? … coconut oil!  Scrapes and burns? … coconut oil! Cooking? … coconut oil! World crisis? …coconut oil!

Well perhaps not that last one! But seriously coconut oil is amazing! It can be used for so many purposes. I wanted to share a few of my favorites!

1.) Makeup Remover:

I just started doing this a week ago! I switched from regular makeup remover wipes a year ago and started using Fresh Soy Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover. That product works amazingly BUT it also costs $26.00 …ouch. The good thing is that the bottle has lasted me right at a year but I don’t wear makeup daily. A big ol container of coconut oil can be purchased for $4 and up almost anywhere. I was skeptical that this would work. I don’t want anything tugging at my eyes. It actually worked just as well as the Fresh. I also worried that the oil would break me out but it hasn’t!

2.) For Deodorant:

There are loads of different recipes for this on Pinterest. The following recipe is the one I used because I liked the idea of also using food grade diatomaceous earth. The odor eliminating properties of diatomaceous earth make it an effective ingredient for homemade deodorant. It protects against body odor even if you have very sensitive skin.

1.) Melted Coconut Oil: 1/2 cup

2.) Essential Oil(s): 1/2 tbsp ….I don’t typically use this because the coconut oil makes it smell like coconuts anyway. I like that! But lavender is a popular choice here.

3.) Cornstarch : 3/4 cup

4.) Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) : 1/4 cup

** Baking Soda**  If Diatomaceous Earth isn’t something you want to use or isn’t readily available to you then baking soda can be used! I had to find a different option because baking soda breaks me out in my underarm area. If you choose this option then use that in place of the DE.

This is a super easy,mix dry ingredients then add wet ingredients recipe. Put in the fridge to set. I also store mine in there…otherwise it can melt.

3.) Hair Straightener!

I’ve stopped using most hair products during the process of straightening my hair after washing. I have VERY curly,coarse hair. It basically eats oils. Using coconut oil has cut down my straightening time. You won’t understand that unless you have this struggle in life. Less heat time means healthier hair!

4.) Bath Bombs/Melts!

OMG these have changed my life. I LOVE Lush but those are special products for special times. I’d love to be able to use them daily but I’m not rich so I make my own! I tend to have really dry heels that crack easily in the Winter. Not while using these! My skin is so much softer now.

Ingredients purchased for Bombs and deodorant.


  1. 1 cup Citric Acid
  2. 2 cups Baking Soda
  3. 1/2 Cup Corn Starch
  4. 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil or Almond Oil : Added to dry mix just until it’s a sandy texture that sticks together w/o falling apart.

You will also need:

  1. Mixing bowls
  2. Measuring cups
  3. Molds (Hobby Lobby has plenty! Michael’s carries soap molds,those work too! I also used those plastic Easter eggs that people put candy inside of and hide).
  4. Crayola Color Drops (if you want color) These do NOT leave color residue in tub or on body!
  5. Soap Glitter or Cosmetic Grade Glitter (if you want glitter)
Not the prettiest shapes but it was all we had at the time and most of them worked just fine!

Easy diy here : mix dry ingredients,mix wet ingredients,push into molds,pop out and let dry over night!

You can make anything you dream up!

Bath Melts….omg SO easy!


You just melt coconut oil,add essential oils if you want put them in a mold and pop them in the freezer. If you like you can add color or glitter to them!


That’s it. Keep them in the freezer though because they will melt!

So those my favorite uses for coconut so far! Please comment any awesome ones you’ve tried and love in the comments! I’m always up to try new things!

Until next time…


~Atlas Moonkitty


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