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Time Capsule Thursday: 1950’s Minnie Mouse Inspired Hair/Makeup!

Minerva (Minnie) Mouse has been rocking it in style since 1928! She’s a timeless inspiration of classic style! And yes….she’s a mouse! A sassy one!

I love the classic look of  50’s makeup and I love Minnie’s ears. Somewhere in between THAT I was inspired to create this look.

50’s style is one of my favorite’s!  The makeup is so subtle….beautiful skin,red lips and black eyeliner. You can’t go wrong! Audrey,Sophia and Liz all defined this time in history.

Meanhile, back at the ranch…

So I’m going to start by working to achieve that look. As usual I’ve gone ahead and finished off my face then started some brows. I’m using e.l.f powder,Hard Candy concealor and Hikari for my blush and slight contour on face and nose. For brows my trusty It Cosmetics brow pencil.

Next I’m going to make my eye area look “clean”. I just want light shades and the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette has some beautiful ones for my skin tone. I’m using White Peach to highlight my brow bone and then Peaches N Cream over the rest of my eye area.

I want a big ol precise wing for this so I’m going into my Too Faced Cat Eyes palette and using the shade Panther wet with my Too Faced Eyeliner brush. I’m convinced there is nothing better for winged eyeliner than this duo. It’s magical,I swear.

So much of this look is in that cat eye so I want to make sure I’ve got them flying,haha.

Looking good! Next up… I want my eyes to pop so I’m using my Chella Skin Care Eye Highlighter Crayon Pencil. This is one of the very first products I ever received from Ipsy but I’ve never used it. I typically use black in my water line but for this look I was going minimal on the bottom lash area. This was perfect!

I rarely wear false eyelashes. I used to wear them a ton for performances and modeling. After I turned 34 I started getting migraines and now these sometimes trigger them! But for today we are going to bear it. I’m using an Ardell set,in Natural(Black), I received free from Influenster!

I’m taking my Eyeko liquid liner and making sure there are no gaps along my lash line. I also apply the liquid to the corners of my eyes. I gave the false lashes one coat of mascara.

For lips I’m using L.A.Splash in Red Carpet that was made special for the June 2016 Glossy Box which was Tony Awards themed. Any red would really set this look on fire though!

As far as makeup is concerned…that was it! Super fast and easy!

After this we are going to attempt to do something with the hair. I love victory rolls and general 50’s pin-up styles but I haven’t really been able to do THAT myself so we’ll work with what I CAN do. Hot rollers are so SO helpful haha. And BAM that Chella liner makes my eyes look super big! Love that!

So now that the hair is somewhat smoothed out I am going to create sort of “Minnie Buns” with my top layer of hair,leaving some down. Basically just swooping hair over into a circular pattern and pinning or clipping it into place. My hair texture helps hold anything. In the 2nd photo it’s holding itself! It’s coarse AF.

So that’s it! Pretty boss look! Put on your off the shoulder top and let’s make the scene!

“Oh mickey what a pity you don’t understand….you take me by the heart when you take me by the hand…”

I’m seriously over the moon for this look. I’ve never really liked pin-up makeup on myself before but I think I managed to OWN it this time around!

Before and after 1950’s Minnie Mouse:

Until next time…

See ya later alligator,

~Atlas Moonkitty


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