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Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

When Too Faced released the Sweet Peach palette last year I barely got to see it before it VANISHED. Surrounded by hype and disappointed YouTube Vloggers …I suddenly found myself tuning out and not really caring. It was limited…it was gone. BUT in typical NOW fashion…no it wasn’t. Not only did they re-release the Sweet Peach palette, just in time for Christmas, but a whole collection around it as well! THE HYPE WAS REAL AGAIN. And…I wanted it.


I got this beautiful palette for Christmas from my boyfriend who was probably tired of hearing me spazz out about peaches. Bless him.

To me this palette smells like peach rings. I love it! The names are the cutest! Too Faced makeup just makes me happy to wear it. I usually reach for their palettes over any because of this reason. The colors…the formula…the smells…it’s important to me.

I love LOve LOVE the names!

So does it live up to the HYPE? Most things don’t haha. I really love this palette,I do, but the online nightmare over it was unnecessary. Too Faced marketed this as limited edition and people went bananas when they couldn’t get it. People spent $100 on ebay for it and now it’s a permanent part of the collection. It makes you wonder.

Is it WORTH IT? Yes,I believe so. The shimmer shades such as Bellini and Luscious are TOO DIE FOR. Pigment for days…and honestly I’ve spent $19 a pop on similar shimmery eyeshadow singles through Urban Decay. That adds up fast. $49 is a steal for what you get in this palette.

From left to right: Too Faced Peach Palette shades in Cobbler,Bellini,Luscious and Urban Decay in Snatch.

The matte shades are smooth and also very pigmented. A little goes a long way! The colors blend out nicely and without primer last all day on my eyes.

Colors included are :

White Peach (matte vanilla cream), Luscious (pearl peach champagne), Just Peachy (shimmering peachy pink), Bless Her Heart (golden moss), Tempting (bronzed black), Charmed, I’m Sure (matte medium cool brown), Nectar (pearly peachy cream), Cobbler (peachy pinked bronze), Candied Peach (matte coral with violet shimmer), Bellini (gilded peach), Peach Pit (satin perfect raisin), Delectable (matte smoky amethyst), Peaches ‘n Cream (matte milky peach), Georgia (matte peachy pink), Caramelized (dark gilded bronze), Puree (metallic dark bronze), Summer Yum (matte gingerbread), Talk Derby To Me (shimmering black violet)

Left to right: Caramelized,Candied Peach,Just Peachy,Georgia,Cobbler,Luscious,Peaches N Cream,Nectar, White Peach. BEAUTIFUL!!!
Left to right: Talk Derby To Me, Delectable, Charmed I’m Sure, Peach Pit, Tempting,Summer Yum,Puree, Bellini, Bless Her Heart.

Some general issues I’ve seen  with this palette are with the darker shades. Candied Peach appears a bright orange  but comes off quite muted which actually made me like it more. But some people wanted that bright brilliant peach. With primer,on the lid, that could be achieved.

Tempting, Talk Derby To Me, and Delectable are the only shades I’m not head over heels about. The purple shades in these palettes never seem to be true to pan color which is a bummer. I love me some purple. In swatching those shades look chalky AF…primer was needed to make it clean or get ANY color payoff. Below is a photo of Delectable and Talk Derby To Me first without primer and then with. The colors look completely different. Also a photo of me using them without primer.

On the eyes there is no issue even without primer,it just isn’t true to pan color. You can still deepen colors,smudge out liner and create night looks with these shades easily.  These are a different texture so they don’t blend out as smoothly and as quick as lightning as the other shades. I think a shimmer lilac shade would make people go bonkers. Maybe in the future!


I’ve had this palette since Christmas so I’ve had time to play around with it quite a bit,as you can tell by the various photos! It’s really versatile. I’ve mainly used it for work and day looks so far but the darker shades would be so great for a night out!

A lot of people ask me which I like better…Sweet Peach or The Chocolate Bar. It’s a tough decision really! The Chocolate Bar is my most loved palette butttt Sweet Peach is new and the shimmer shades are just so gorgeous. It’s a tough one! I choose…to not choose! Hehe.

Thoughts,suggestions,likes or dislikes? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Peachy keen jelly bean,

~Atlas Moonkitty


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