What’s On My Pinterest Wish List!

Pinterest is a magical place where I organize my thoughts,ideas and lots of amazing foods …I’ll probably never eat while browsing exercises I’ll never do. I have over 150 different boards on everything from coffee and travel to different color sets and Steampunk.

One such board is my personal wish list! So let’s review and see what I have tucked away in here! My birthday is the 11th so maybe it’s time to pick one or two things out and throw some hints at the boyfriend 🙂

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit : Moon Child  $40

First off….Moonkitty…yea I’m a moon child so I’m head over heels for the name. BUT also the colors in this are unique and beautiful!

Blue Ice – Diamond white with an icy blue reflect
Star – A moonstone fusion of mint, platinum and silver reflect
Purple Horseshoe – A glittering lavender with an arctic blue reflect
Pink Heart – Pearl white with a pink opal reflect
Lucky Clover – A shamrock-infused gold with canary yellow diamond reflect
Blue Moon – Frozen blue with a silver reflect

It’s the one for me!

Photo courtesy of Really Ree

Lush products. It doesn’t even matter what…bath bombs,bubble bars, facial masks….oils…I want it. Above all I do very much covet the Unicorn Horn bubble bar though. It is life.


I have two fragrances on my wish list:

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh $96 for just the 2.5 size (whew) and Victoria’s Secret Bombshell $52 for 1.7 oz. I love the clean scent of each of these. I can’t really chose a favorite. I’ve been using samples of Daisy I received free with purchase from Sephora to tide me over until I can get a full bottle. SOON.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Palette in Blackmail exclusively at Ulta on sale for $20 currently so it’s tempting me! The colors in this one call to me more than the Sephora version. And my newest favorite shade,Firebird, is in there ❤

Why is it SO perfect??

Luxie Rose Gold Basic Eye Brush Set $50 and worth it. Luxie are the softest most fantastical brushes I’ve ever used on my face. I want to be able to replace all my others with this brand. I’m almost there!

Pink & Pretty!

Speaking of pink. These are replacement items I need. My whole kitchen used to be Breast Cancer Awareness KitchenAid PINK. No joke…every piece. Everything from my stand mixer and towels down to my cheese grater and mixing bowls were this particular shade. I’ve started mixing in KitchenAid blue and green lately. So much of the pink stuff was special/limited edition and replacing it is crazy expensive! Can openers I used to buy for $9.99 are now $60 because…PINK. Luckily they still make and sell the pink mixer at the same price as early 2000’s. The pink processor though would need to be an ebay find. Le sigh…

KitchenAid Pink Artisan Series 5 Quart Stand Mixer $429.00 and Pink Food Processor.

I look like a pink fanatic….I swear my favorite color is BLUE! I swear! haha

Gretna Green Outlander Tartan Shawl $114.40 (real wool) Yes I’m obsessed with Outlander….the show the books…yes. And also blanket scarves are my favorite thing so…this is perfect.

It wouldn’t be me if there weren’t a few makeup palettes on here! I haven’t been too excited for anything lately so this is it.

Too Faced : Bon Bons $49 ,Dose Of Colors : Eyescream  (I think is currently sold out anyhow) and Makeup Revolution Salvation : Give Them Nightmares which is only $5.39

Raw gemstones. I’m just over the moon for them. Alexis Russell is my jewelry idol. I love every unique piece especially stack rings. This company uses real materials so these run more than the typical fun boho jewelry. It’s worth it! With engagement rings you can mix and match around so much with the various options that every piece is one of a kind. There are also beautiful options in necklaces and bracelets. Stunning pieces!

And….I need an actual camera like we need less politics these days! I don’t want anything too crazy,complicated or pricey. I’m open to suggestions. I’m still debating but so far…

Nikon COOLPIX B-500 $259.99 in Plum! Pretttty.

So that’s my Wish List for 2017 so far! What’s on yours?

Until next time…

Wishing and online shopping around,

~Atlas Moonkitty




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