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Get Ready With Me: Blue/Pink Boho

The Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette… love it or hate it? Meh? Amazing….fantastical? Boring? I decided today I would play around with it , once again ,because it had been a while! I was really looking for an amazing blue shade and this has one of the best!


I received this palette as a birthday gift last year. My boyfriend let me pick out whatever I wanted and order it. I chose this because it was limited edition,I have always loved No Doubt/Gwen and because at that time it was ALWAYS sold out in stores!


Is anything REALLY limited edition anymore though? I’ve seen it countless times. This palette….the Manny MUA through MUG…the Too Faced Peach,Stardust and Swamp Queen…all limited yet brought back again. Urban Decay has brought back the original Spectrum twice now. So who knows? Maybe this one will come back around again as well.

One huge complaint I kept seeing was “The colors all look the same!”

Especially the top three,right??

I actually agreed with that …at face value. I had to actually swatch it to see the difference! Each one has a different color shift that makes it unique. Nope they do NOT look the same at all!

This palette is magic on my face. This palette has 15 shades,12 of which were brand new! The colors are all so creamy and smooth…amazing pigment. They blend out so easily and last all day on my eyes without primer. I rarely use primer on my eyes.

Written on the palette is “Magic’s In The Makeup” which is my favorite No Doubt song.

Such a beautiful collections of neutrals ,jewel tones ,mattes, shimmers, satins, sparkle, shift, metallic. ROCK ON! And with names like Bathwater,1987,Punk and Harajuku….I’m in love.

GORGEOUS swatches in Blonde,Bathwater,Skimp,Steady,Punk,Baby,Anaheim
(Left to right) Zone,Stark,Anaheim,Baby,Punk,Steady,Skimp,Bathwater,Blonde

The fun colors are where there could be just a tad bit of an issue with this palette, depending on your preference. Harajuku comes across as a brighter cotton candy pink but once on it’s more subtle. Now I personally LOVE that and I’m sure with primer you could make it really BLING! The shade POP is more like a glitter chunky type top coat. Also…perfectly fine for me. I like a little center sparkle over a lighter shadow and this is perfect for that.

Color swatches Zone,Pop,Harajuku,Danger,1987 and Blackout

Let’s begin! As usual I’m starting with all the face stuff on already! Just powder today,tad bit of concealer,blush and slight contour of face and nose. I am pale AF. I tried out a new concealer…Boo Boo Cover-Up Concealer but it didn’t do much for me. Continued on with my Hard Candy Glamoflauge.

I’m using Blonde to highlight my brow bone and Stark in the crease,up and outward. I’m going to be doing a halo eye so I’m leaving my lid area blank. This look starts out messy then comes together. Keep that in mind!

Next I’m using Danger  on just the inner and outer corners of my lids. I’m bringing it up slightly into the crease and outward.

I liked the brightness of Danger but didn’t want to rim my whole eye in THAT much blue so I used Serious to buff Danger out into my crease and outward into a cat eye. Again I’m keeping the center as clean as possible to make the halo next.

Using my finger I applied two layers of Harajuku and topped it with POP.

For the bottom lashes I used Danger on the inner and outer sections and then used Harajuku and POP mixed together for the bottom halo effect.

After that I blended blended blended. No harsh lines ladies! Next I applied my favorite Marc Jacobs gel liner ,Cover Girl mascara and used Eyeko’s liquid liner to wing it out.

The Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette was part of a whole collection based around her. I kick myself for not getting that blush palette. A sample card of the special lipsticks was also included with the makeup palette. I decided to do something a little bolder than usual. I used Firebird,which is now a permanent shade. I fell IN LOVE.

Mission accomplished! The subtleness of the blended Danger and light pink sparkle of Harajuku work so well against the boldness of Firebird. Gwen and Urban Decay really put this collection together nicely!

I’m SO glad I got this palette. I know there have been so many bad reviews and disappointed people but my experience has been nothing but wonderful! There are so many different looks that can be created using these unique shades. Perfect for work or going out!

I wasn’t expecting Firebird. I really didn’t think I was going to like it. The sample card has enough to last a while. I saw that Ulta and Sephora have the Urban Decay lip palettes on sale for $20 now though,marked down from $35! That may be my birthday gift to myself this year. Firebird is one of the colors in both those palettes!

And there you have it….Blue/Pink Boho style using the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette.

Before and after :

Until next time…

“You got me feeling hella good so let’s just keep on dancingggg”

~Atlas Moonkitty


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