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Disappointing Products

I’d like to start by saying that just because I didn’t personally like these products or they didn’t work for me…doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try them or that they are just crap products. I did give every product mentioned a fair shot,some I used till empty and some I passed on to others. Everyone has different skin,hair types,likes,dislikes,etc. That’s why I love this world so much. These are strictly MY personal opinions.

First off….the most disappointing for me…. Tarte’s Ranforest Of The Sea palette.

I wanted this so bad,I stalked it before it came out and swatched it weekly until I had the funds for it. It wasn’t even a pricey palette but I was broke then 🙂 I was SO happy purchasing it! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I have a hard time diving into a new palette. I hate messing it up. I watched several tutorials and about a month after having it I finally used it for myself. AND….none of the colors really showed up on me. They all basically washed out into the same shade. I tried and tried..nothing. It was past the return date so I passed it on to a friend. I saw that they have a 2nd edition one now with some darker shades. Not even going there……

Next up…Tan Towels. I recieved these in a GlossyBox. Two applications that made not a siingle color change on my pale skin. Oh well….pale forever! I embrace it haha.


In haircare …

Ouai Wave Spray made my naturally curly hair just fall flat and feel sticky. I tried it several times with several amounts of product…never worked for me.

Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair deep conditioning mask. I heard nothing but amazing things about this. It did nothing special for my hair. I used the whole deluxe sample which lasted through a few washes.


In fragrances Beautiful Day from Bath & Body Works was a miss. By the description it smells just like something I’d love. Peony and Green Apple are two of my favorite discountinued scents! I tried it on and was like “YES!” I get all excited in store and especially at clearance time with sales reps around. Eventually I actually used it outside of their store filled with smells and this reminds me too much of Jolly Rancher Watermelon. I dislike Watermelon or any melon scent more than anything. So…nope to this. Passing it along.


In skin care Lue’ by Jean Seo Clear spot control didn’t make an impact on any breakouts I had. I’ve been using this monthly for 6 months. No differences.

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Anti Aging Creme actually made my eye area breakout and become red and irritated. I gave it a rest upon seeing this and after to weeks tried again with a smaller amount of product…same results. I’ve never had that type of reaction before. No thanks!


Too Faced‘s Mascara Melt Off didn’t do much for me. My regular remover works faster and the removal is less messy.

Maybelline Fit me! powder. I bought this because I saw a lot of people seemed to like it as a drug store brand powder. In the end it didn’t even work for me as good as my e.l.f brand powder that costs a lot less. It looks cakey over my foundation or alone.


And finally…. Colour Pop Creme Gel Liner in Cry Baby. I bought this after watching a tutorial on Youtube where it was used. GORGEOUS color and this can almost make an instant cut crease if you use this for winged liner BUT I have older lids. I’m about to turn 36 and this emphasised every crease,wrinkle..anything on my lid. It cracks and crumbles off after an hour. I’ve actually tried other colors of the gel pots and they do the same thing BUT I really loved this color. Dang it.

So there you have it,everything that has left me down thus far. It’s not a huge list and I hope it doesn’t grow much over the course of this year!

Suggestions,your likes and dislikes,or opinions are welcome!

Until next time…

About to put on some MORE makeup,

~Atlas Moonkitty


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