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Time Capsule Thursday : Mid-Late 90’s

My last Time Capsule Thursday  was filled with 90’s glory! I couldn’t shake it,couldn’t stop listening to the music SO I had to continue on for just another week 🙂

“I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over
I want to know right now what will it be…do do do dooo doo doooo”

~ Paula Cole/Dawson’s Creek 1996

In the 90’s most of us either got close to nature in Birkenstock sandals with socks or we were around 5 inches higher than normal in platforms. Crop tops and plaid was all the rage because of the movie Clueless. Hair mascara allowed us to changed up our look to match our bright polyester clothes. Glitter,frost, and dark makeup was where it was at!

My walls were plastered with posters of the coolest bands,tv and movies. My ceiling was covered in glow in the dark stars.

I had tons of candles shaped like mushrooms or smiley faces and incense along with my aromatherapy candles (they call that essential oils now). The 60’s vibe was in full swing again. Bell bottoms were everywhere. We sat around,listening to music and dripping wax on bottles…. cell phones weren’t a thing…

“I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a mother
I’m a sinner, I’m a saint, I do not feel ashamed…”

~Meredith Brooks, 1997

I was in Theatre and Advanced Chorus so I was THAT nerd. I had large curly hair that had never met a straightener. I was in love with the 60’s ,Leo, Paul Rudd and Jordan Catalano 🙂

Since I still had all that makeup from my Caboodles case lying around from the last 90’s blog I thought I’d go ahead and recreate how I did my makeup in high school…using some of THAT same makeup!

***Again….this makeup is expired and I do not recommend using old expired makeup on your face. I did not use any expired eyeliner or mascara***

Blue frosty/metallic eyes and metallic yet glossy lips were ragin in the 90’s. Glitter…glitter everywhere.

So let’s begin. I have already put on my Y necklace circa The Body Shop clothing store from 1996 and thrown my hair into mini space buns like I learned from Gwen Stefani. That was basically my makeup prep.

I’ve done my eyebrows and then used my Luxie brush to apply this blush that I must have received in one of those Christmas makeup gift sets K-Mart sells. I’m using a Walmart No Boundaries brand sparkly powder all over my cheeks as well. By this point the blush color had already faded. Figures! That’s ok,it’s the glitter that is important!

*****************WE DON’T TALK ABOUT PIGMENT HERE*******************

Next… I applied a white shade acquired from Claire’s to highlight my brow bone. The brand is Body Charms haha…in color……ummm…MADE IN CHINA,CONTAINS TALC AND WILL KILL YOU!  ;p  It has chunky silver glitter that falls directly onto my face. We like that,right?

I still have my Naturistics Chrome shadow from the 90’s in Azure so I applied that to my eye area with my finger. Have you seen what makeup brushes (foam applicators) looked like for normal gals in the 90’s??? Not sassy. BUT this stuff is surprisingly pigmented. We’ll still not talk about that. Moving on…

Next I put this Loreal duo all over my eye,no real technique here. The point is to make the eye BLUE. This is straight from the 90’s in shade TOO MUCH BLUE BITCH,STOP THAT! Jk… it’s Tidal Wave. I liked MY name better.

Now I take my trusty Marc Jacobs pencil liner and do both my wing and bottom lashes SO much that the pencil tried to stop me on the third layer. It did. Bless its heart.

The top layer of this Morbid Makeup “Natural” stacked makeup pot from Hot Topics has the best glitter ever. That goes all over the eye area. Glitter Glue wasn’t a thing….imagine the horror. I want to point out that “Natural” in the 90’s was considered 3 layers of glitter,metallic gold and iridescent gloss 🙂

The middle pot of this has a pretty metallic gold lip shade so I applied that to my lips…nice. The third pot is a glossy iridescent shade I layered and it tastes just like it did in high school…like chemicals and unicorn tears. I’m sorry to whomever I kissed. NEXT..mascara. Coats and coats babes.

I didn’t discover a flat-iron into well into the 2000’s but for the look I wanted today (haha) I straightened out my mess…added a butterfly clip,a rad shirt I wore in high school and some more jewelry. Layered was the look.

“‘Cause I’m just a girl, little ol’ me
Well don’t let me out of your sight…”

~No Doubt, 1994

Yes,this was absolutely my favorite shirt in high school. Yes I got made fun of. I didn’t care. Too cool for school right here 🙂

By the end of a school day most of my makeup had worn off! Not much ,that I used,had any staying power aside from the Cover Girl Marathon water proof mascara I decided I needed daily. One coat lasted 3 weeks…it was like paint. It also made my lashes fall out. I loved it.

Well there ya have it!

Until next time… Singing Beck…

“Soy un perdedor
I’m a loser baby so why don’t you kill me?” Peace out …

~Atlas Moonkitty


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