January favorites!

The curtain is closing on the first month of 2017. It’s been one of the most interesting of my life. As far as history goes…I wonder how it will be remembered. We’ll have to wait on that though. As for now…here’s what rocked my personal world in…


Music was a big deal for me in January. This crazy month my soul has been soothed by the new music sounds of John Mayer and the Lumineers. John Mayer has been my favorite singer since “Your Body Is A Wonderland”. I’ve attended 5 of his concerts and was a member of the fan club ,Local 83…back in the day. Each new musical trip I take with him is unique. I just really discovered The Lumineers. The video for “Sleep On The Floor” broke my heart and opened my eyes. I’m obsessed and need MOAR.

Also in music……………The Vintage Cafe…….ANY/ALL. I cannot stop playing these. This was a YouTube discovery. I was looking for coffee shop…rainy day mixes and that popped up. There’s like 7 or 8 albums filled with jazzy/lounge style covers of amazing songs. “November Rain” and “What’s Up?” rocked my world! If you like cool covers or sleepy feel good music then this is for you.

My Chill Out Space January: In Vinyl this month Panic At The Disco’s “Death Of A Bachelor” is a must. I’ve been singing word for word and breath by breath with Brendon Urie for a while now. My favorite band always ❤ Add in comfy socks,my bed,a re-reading of Neil Gaiman’s America God’s and Pike Place coffee from Starbucks and my life is a happy place. This is my chill out space ❤


TV and Movies in January that I loved were sort of bleak ….Black Mirror almost too closely resembles the world I seem to find myself slipping into. The OA was better than Stranger Things IMO,Arrival is the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Riverdale has a pilot episode that was beautiful written. Darker than I remember the Archie comics being but with enough hope and fun throughout to carry it. I’m intrigued. Bungou Stray Dogs had me laughing so hard….the literary references and characters were SO much fun to see!

In makeup this month the Too Faced Peach palette is rocking my world even more than I thought was possible! Beyond beautiful colors,the cutest Southern names ever,crazy pigments,smooth mattes,yummy smell….YES. I’ve been pairing it with Snatch from Urban Decay! Snatch is a pale peach shimmer with gold glitter. layered over any look created by the peach palette…it’s magic.


Colors from left to right : (From the peach palette) Cobbler,Bellini and Luscious and last is UD in Snatch.

In scent this month I’ve decided it’s time for an actual bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy. Also the Bath&Body Works sale as in full swing so I tried some new scents such as Pear and Brown Sugar and old favs like Cherry Blossom and Peony! T.J.Maxx has been getting in some great items from The Body Shop. I got a full size Moringa body butter tub for $5 on clearance! This light honeysuckle scent is perfection.

For bath time Lush was keeping my stress levels in check. The Twilight bath bomb,Rose Jam Macaron and French Kiss bubble bars were relaxation at it’s finest. My skin has felt amazing this month! Usually in the Winter I’m itchy and hating life. These have made a difference.

For hair products Wella’s Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil and Marc Anthony Argan Oil Of Morocco 3 day Smoothing Cream continue to be favorites. I got these in subscription boxes and will be purchasing full-sized versions once they run out! My hair texture is dry,coarse and curly…it has a mind of its own! The 3 day smooth really helps after washing with my straightening time. The Wella I use daily to protect against heat damage and for shine!


Well there you have it! January flew by…it was a month of activism,blanket scarves,bath bombs and a few days of snow 🙂

Up next is my birthday month! Aquarius baby! I am so excited. I love when Valentine’s stuff comes out in the stores. World Market will be raided for special edition Red Velvet coffee and pretty pink stuff for my kitchen! So we’ll continue in February!

Until next time…

Me in favorite January Snapchat filter…Harry Potter Nerd Girl…


~Atlas Moonkitty


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