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Time CapsuleThursday: The 90’s

“Okay, so you’re probably going, “Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?” But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl.”

Cher,Clueless 1995

Welcome to my new series,Time Capsule Thursday! Each week we’ll open up an online time capsule of the best of times…the worst of times throughout history or just in pop culture movements within those times! Expect a trip down memory lane or new fun you didn’t know had existed,makeup tutorials,product suggestions and maybe a few of my own photos.

How iconic was/is the 90’s?!?!

I was a teenager starting in 1994 and let me tell you….it was a great time to be a teen 🙂 Being playful wasn’t looked down upon. Everything was TOO MUCH and that was great! Too bright,too wild,too glittery…you name it. We wore plastic mini skirts in neon colors with floor length faux leopard coats. Our platform boots came up to our knees and our faces were a glow of colored liner and glitter. We wore butterflies in our hair. We’d go home and sit on blow up furniture and cry listening to the Titanic c.d…..while reading the latest Christopher Pike or R.L. Stein book. Or…was that just me? 🙂

And YES…I did indeed play with a Giga Pet as a 17-year-old person. Cell phones and computers were few and far between.

Lots of different styles emerged during the 90’s. I embraced the reemergence of the 60’s the most but I played around a little in everything. I also started making/upcycling my clothes because I couldn’t afford all the latest fashions from Gadzooks or Hot Topics 🙂

What was your favorite? Platforms jelly shoes, Grunge, Hip Hop inspired, Alternative, girlie, flannel,camo, pleather,tattoo necklaces, mood rings??? Chain wallets actually got banned at my high school!

Makeup was so much fun! Advertising didn’t take itself seriously at all!

“As If!”

Cher,Clueless 1995

If you caught me in the 90’s odds are I smelled like a combination of these things:

Yes body glitter did indeed have a smell….even the kind that wasn’t scented…smelled. Haha.

My style icons…..

BUT let’s get real…here’s me in the 90’s.

I had crazy curly hair so I wasn’t ever able to pull off “The Rachel” even though Friends was very much an obsession of mine at that time. Cassettes were still a thing into the 90’s. I got my very first compact disc (c.d.) at 13. It was Green Day’s Dookie…Alternative music was THE IT THANG and I was in love with Billie Joe.

“No time to search the world around
Cause you know where I’ll be found
When I come around…”

Green Day, 1994

Recently a friend of mine challenged me to a 90’s makeup contest online. What she didn’t know was that I do not throw away anything…ever. My dad had,a few months prior, given me an old makeup organizer of mine….one I had seemingly just ditched when the 2000’s started. Talk about a time capsule. SO…I was able to use those very same items in my look.

*****Do I recommend using old makeup? NO. Obviously these items have long since expired. I did not use any old mascara or liner. I did have those things BUT I threw them away.

An overview of just some of this organizer: (From left to right)

*The closest thing to a makeup palette I had in the 90’s,old nail colors I dug (that white was SO important) *Remember when Cover Girl made compacts filed with shimmer powders? I still have the gold and pink versions,shimmer/glitter/chrome eye/duo chrome eyeshadows *lipsticks in coffee,nudes,frosted pinks and the all important black *lip glosses….some of these I had in triples and … *what was left of some body glitter/gel type eye coolers/shadows.

“Sorry I’m not home right now,I’m walking into spider webs
So leave a message and I’ll call you back…”

No Doubt, 1995

All clips,clothes,jewelry and makeup from the actual 90’s. I think I created the ME that I wanted to be in the 90’s. The me that could have been if I knew how to actually apply makeup correctly ….and if hair straighteners had been readily accessible. Le sigh….

This particular look is inspired by the nude/brown craze of the 90’s…coffee,nudes,raisin…you name it…we had to have it. A lot of the companies here still have these same shades and I know Urban Decay has recently introduced some AMAZING new ones that fit this vibe!

This look today is easy to achieve using almost any neutral makeup palette! The Original Chocolate Bar from Too Faced has some amazing browns that would be perfect! Or if you got the limited edition Gwen Stefani palette from Urban Decay last year…PERFECTION.

Extra points if you use The Urban Decay Gwen palette since it was designed by a 90’s icon! I

I’ll be covering more 90’s style crazies in the future! There are SO many I want to create looks with now that I know what I’m doing with my face and have real confidence in myself!

Until next time….

In mad love with Leo,

~Atlas Moonkitty


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