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“What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been…”

I live in the United States Of America. In North Carolina to be exact. You may have heard of us. We are the state who decided to pass a law saying you had to use the restroom of the sex listed on your birth certificate. No way to police this obviously. It’s called  The Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act  or better known as HB2. The amount of money our state has lost over this has been tremendous,yet they can’t seem to get rid of it.

In Greensboro stores stated making restrooms unisex. #WEARENOTTHIS was a rallying cry. Of course not everyone was on the side of love. Come election time we voted Pat McCrory out but he just lingered and fought the election results for weeks.

Image courtesy of Indy Week

Nc is a state that is very concerned about babies before they are born and little girls in bathrooms being abused by transgender persons BUT could not care less about me as a 35-year-old woman. Rest assured most of them don’t care about those babies after they are born either. Then It’s sucking up their tax money. Oh they hate that. That’s how we got Trump.

As a woman in the US right now…the most I have to look forward to in my reproductive rights is that maybe they allow me to keep some sort of birth control method. Otherwise I’m basically told I can have babies they don’t want to help support or just keep my legs closed. I suppose I am only really good for reproducing. Silly me. I thought I was a mature working woman in a country someone just said he was gonna make great again. They keep telling me I had no reason to march last Saturday,that I haven’t lost any rights…the view from where I’m sitting looks pretty damn gloomy.


MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Trump WE all knew that was a joke just like your political stances,ridiculous rants,Twitter account and …hair. Yes,hair.

The election was an absolute dumpster fire. Racism,sexism,rape accusations,hatred of every type towards anyone not a straight white male. And every time you said something immediately a Trump supporter would jump all over you and call you a Hillary lover and mention e-mails! OH GAWD THE E-MAILS!!!! No…not the e-mails *cowers in fear*. Not a one could tell you why they were upset about the e-mails though. Still can’t in fact.

Months of that garbage.

Day Five and here we are,in no particular order :

  • Trump freaks out because someone says his inauguration wasn’t the most attended…and continues to freak out. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer LIES to everyone about the crowd size at a press conference called just to clear up this very important matter. Then when confronted about the lies told Trump Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway decided to plunge us all into a dystopian society and counter that Spicer wasn’t lying …that he was using “Alternative Facts“.  Le sigh…
  • Trump decided to take all reference to LGQBT rights off the white house page. Nothing is ever added back in reference to this. Perhaps they believe if they delete it that these people no longer exist?
  • Trump decides that Climate issues are “harmful”… today he shut down the EPA then put a gag order on them. When they took to their Twitter to post facts about the environment…a few hours later all traces of that were gone.
  • Trump decides coal is where it’s at….and we need a bigger military…moar boats MOAR planes!!!!! I guess this shit is all free?
  • Trump makes sure he’s getting his money by approving the Pipelines to destroy Native lands. MURICA!! I don’t know about you….but I REALLY DO feel so GREAT AGAIN already.

That’s not even everything I’ve had to see come across my computer this week. E-mails? E-mails were worse than this?  It’s scary…that mentality is scary.


He’s about to get rid of the ACA/Obamacare…some people here had no clue those were the same thing. No CLUE. Some people are under the impression that no many people are even using that program and those who do can’t really afford it. WHERE DOES THAT INFORMATION COME FROM? Did Joe blow from Statesville tell you that? Did he see it on a meme? Also he has no idea what he’s going to replace it with….


Please take a moment to educate yourself before they take the right to think for yourself from you as well.

And tomorrow is another day in the Twilight Zone that has become this country.

Until then…

Imma just drink more wine,

~Atlas Moonkitty


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