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Being A BzzAgent!

So what is BzzAgent?

BzzAgent is an international network of consumers who voluntarily participate in word-of-mouth (WOM) campaigns for a variety of products and services. Basically, we’re a community of communicators! We try products and services sent to us by BzzAgent and then share our honest opinions about them with people we know!


To start as a BzzAgent you will create your online account and answer provided “surveys” which are basically very short questions. Once a campaign becomes available that matches your needs they will send you an a-mail asking if you would like to participate. After that your box will arrive!

Is that not adorbs?

This is another 100% FREE BOX like Influenster or PINCHme!

BzzAgent is different from Influenster! in that you are not required to post reviews on ALL platforms of social media once you receive the products. There is only one review for each product and that’s it. Super simple! You also don’t have to interact with the site daily or weekly to remain current or be considered for the upcoming box. In fact I hadn’t been on the site in months when I received the survey for the second campaign box.

Like the other programs though,participation and being active will get you more boxes! With BzzAgent you have a BzzScore BzzScore which is a reflection of your level of participation as a BzzAgent within the last 365 days, on a scale of zero to ten. It takes into account your campaign activities, surveys and how socially connected and influential you’ve been.

I’ve been able to participate in two programs as a Bzz Agent so far and I have very much enjoyed both!

My first program was for Russel Stover Sugar Free Bites.


They sent me a full size product to try,sample bags to hand out to friends and coupons! I think that’s amazing. A perfect way to spread the news about a new product! You even got to choose what flavor you received in full size. I chose Blueberry!

Pretty cool!

So they got my attention,for sure,my appealing to my sweet tooth. These were great,didn’t taste like a sugar free candy or products I had eaten before. No nasty after taste at all!

My second campaign was about a month ago and my goodness did they excite me!! the Loreal Paris Revitalift box. WHOA. All full size products!!! I didn’t actually have a skin care routine and I’m 35….it was past time. Here it is,it’s been given to me,for free. Life changing 🙂


Each product in this box retails for $24.99…so BzzAgent sent me $74.97 worth of free skin care and they even paid for shipping! Why are you not participating in this program??

If you want to try free products of all kinds and don’t mind taking a few minutes to reviews them….then this is for you!

**This is not an affiliate link**

Until next time…

Bzzzing off,

~Atlas Moonkitty


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