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What Is Influenster?

What is Influenster?

Good question! It was a question I asked myself as I looked at a photo of some awesome FREE products my friend had just posted on her Instagram. I was currently in the midst of a SUBSCRIBE TO ALL THE BEAUTY BOXES frenzy. I decided to check this supposedly free thing out for myself and once I did….I immediately wanted IN!


Influenster  describes itself as :

A community of over 2 million social savvy shoppers that:

  • Stay on top of the latest product news & expert tips.
  • Review products, share honest opinions with brands and the community.
  • Test products for free based on social media influence.

Once you set up your account you will fill out your profile. It asks you lots of questions about your likes,needs,wants. This helps  determine the right campaign for you. That means the perfect products and boxes that will be best for you to try! You will connect your social media accounts here and they use that to score your influence level.


When a box may be right for you they send an e-mail with a survey attached. If they feel that box is a perfect match then you will receive that specific VoxBox for testing purposes. They ask that you share your experience with the products on your social media pages. For these “activities” you get points and can be entered into a contest to win more free stuff 🙂

No fees AT ALL and you DO NOT even pay for shipping. Again…NO FEE! THERE IS NO WHERE TO ADD A CREDIT CARD SO NO CHARGES.

I say this because I have friends who still haven’t signed up! I’m not getting anything from promoting them. I don’t have an affiliate link…nothing. I just like spreading the joy 🙂 Why shouldn’t everyone get some free stuff every once in a while?!

To inspire…here are a few boxes I have already received since my sign up in April of last year!

My very first campaign was the Ralph Lauren Tender Romance VoxBox. I had just signed up and hadn’t interacted at all on the site. My original blog was brand new and had no followers. I signed up on Influenster and within a week I got this!

A mini perfume! My favorite perfume is the original Romance so I was very happy with this.

Seeing how great I did my first time out of the gate I decided to become more active in the program. That consists of reviewing more products,answering questions others have about products,asking questions myself. All this gives you influence points! The more points,the greater the chance is that you will get picked to take part in a campaign.

I tend to get a box via campaign every two months. Boxes vary greatly which makes it fun!  Sometimes it’s a set of full-sized products or it could be many products based on a theme such as my second ( Blush Voxbox) and third (Revive Voxbox) were.


The value of these boxes varies depending on the voxbox you receive. In the past months I’ve seen every kind of box from drug store hair products to prestige makeup. Anything is possible! That’s why your influence matters. Every point counts!

My fourth box ( Aussie Voxbox) was the first one with all full-sized products. My blog was really booming and I know that’s why I got this gem 🙂 My boyfriend promptly stole the conditioner. We both have this coarse curly hair and it works amazingly to tame it.


There are two types of campaigns you can be involved in. The ones we’ve been discussing where you receive a box of products and then virtual. Virtual involves basically posting to social media about products to build media scope. Maybe you haven’t actually bought or used this item but it looks interesting. A lot of it involves taking a selfie with the product stand at Ulta or Target. Sometimes it involves just making a list of your most wanted items for Winter or your essentials for a beach trip! It’s fun! These are super easy and give you fast points.

Even thought the virtual campaigns don’t give you free products at that moment,the interaction on the site helps build your points and show your overall influence!

My fifth box (Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Voxbox) is one of my favs. I LOVE mascara and especially the kind that comes in these big round tubes! We were able to test the product before it was out in stores. They also included an extra surprise in the box! It was the Maybelline Master Precise Curvy liner. Full size makeup products! I am all about that.


I was sent a full size bottle of Loreal’s Revitalift and the 3 products from the Origins GinZing line! Most of these products retail at around $20-$35 a piece! You can’t beat that!


My best tips for anyone starting out!

  • MAKEUP. If you want it for ONLY makeup boxes then interact mainly about makeup products…review makeup products,ask questions about makeup products,answer questions relating to makeup.
  • INTERACT. If you just want to be involved in ANY campaign then they want to see interaction. Some days I just use my Influenster phone app to scan in as many items as I can to review. It’s fast and easy! I answer questions,ask questions,and make lists.
  • PATIENCE. Don’t feel bad when all you have is virtual campaigns. At one point I about gave up because I had FIVE at the same time. Everyone wants the free boxes but the virtual campaigns help make that happen. Just hang in!
  • REVIEW. Make sure you are using,reviewing the products and posting them to social media as instructed in your campaign. You will be given plenty of time for this!

Any other questions,just ask!

Until next time…

Lost in makeup boxes,

~Atlas Moonkitty


8 thoughts on “What Is Influenster?

      1. Yeah, I am actually waiting on my first box! So I’m excited! It’s really cool I did not believe it at first but you are right. There is no catch, all they want is your honest opinion on products. 🙂


      2. I got the the resolution voxbox (well, in still waiting for it ,hehe) and yes, I signed up for PINCH me and I am waiting on that box as well. Have you tried them? If you have, do you like them?


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