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Get Ready With Me – Easy Cut Crease!

It’s another pretty in Jamestown,NC. For fun I decided to play around with makeup that is a bit more challenging than I usually do…the cut crease! I have seen so many ladies rocking this look and I always wanted to try it. Honestly though…I’m no makeup artist and it looked complicated!

Luckily one of my favorite Youtubers,Kathleen Lights, uploaded a video recently showing a simple tutorial on how to achieve the look! I didn’t exactly follow her tutorial as much as I listened to it while cleaning then … gave it my best shot!

She’s so fabulous!!!

I have a lot of palettes so the first decision I had to make was which one I wanted to play around with. I fished through the bright colors….the smelly palettes…oh how I love my smelly palettes…neutrals…more neutrals…then I decided on Tartes Tartelette In Bloom.



The Tartelette In Bloom palette retails for $46 and it’s well worth it in my opinion. The matte shadesΒ are amazing and blend so smoothly. There are also three luster shades that are pretty darn metallic if you apply with a wet brush. The lusters,due to their nature, are a bit chunky. In all the times I’ve used this palette it hasn’t affected the application one bit though. The palette smells of vanilla,it’s yummy.


With names like Activist,Smarty Pants and Flower Child…I’m a sucker for names anyway…I fell in love with this palette the minute I saw it at Ulta last year. Funny Girl is probably my most favorite shade and we’ll be using that today! So let’s get started!

For the easy cut crease method,I’m using,it’s all about some layering and then carving out your lid with a primer. I’m almost 36 so I don’t have the youngest eye lids and also they are hooded so…let’s see what we can do!

Starting out we are going to highlight the brow bone with Charmer and then use Flower Child all over. Flower Child is what I will be using to blend out all the other shadows. I used my It Cosmetics brow pencil to do a little fill in that I’ll clean up later. I didn’t use primer on my eye because I wanted to see how long the shadows would last without it.

Next we are going to be working Rebel into the crease and blending upwards.

Next I worked Activist into my crease and upwards just slightly..not as far up as Rebel because I want two separate colors. Then I put Smokeshow directly into the crease and did not blend up at all.

The shadows are going to be messy on the side of your eye as you do this. You can use a makeup wipe to clean up at the end or use the tape method if that works for you. You will want that clean because now is time to carve out the lid area to really make that crease pop! I used my Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden for this and used a brush to blend it onto my tiny lid and outward. You should see the cut crease action at this point! This makes my lids look HUGE! Super excited!

Next we are going to use that same brush to pack Funny Girl on top of the concealor. this makes it all POP! I went back in and added more Rebel then blended it out with Flower Child. Once I had that I used my Marc Jacobs black eyeliner and smoked that out with Smokeshow.

To complete my makeup today I used various samples I’ve received over time from makeup bags/boxes! I used The Balms Meet Matt Hughes Liquid Lipstick and topped it with Starlooks gloss in Cuddle for a bit of shimmer. I used Benefit’s their Real! mascara. I only used E.L.F powder and Too Faced Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush in Something About Berry on my face.


So…. for a first run I think I did a pretty good job! I was happy with the results anyway. I was super stoked about the cut crease making my eyelid look so much bigger. I didn’t even apply eyeliner along my top lash line because I didn’t want to take away from it,haha. This was an easy procedure that I’ll for sure experiment with in bolder colors at some point!

And as for my experiment…the colors lasted all day well into evening. I didn’t use any primers or setting sprays. 8 hours later and we are still looking good!

So for the Tartelette In Bloom palette…two big thumbs way up! I have a new-found love for it and it has been moved onto my makeup table again!

Until next time…

Love,peace and makeup,

~Atlas Moonkitty


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