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My Inauguration Day Resolutions

So today 1/20/2017 and for the time that follows my personal resolutions are these:

  1. To continue to promote positivity.
  2. Help encourage everyone around me.
  3. Make and hand out more gift bags to the homeless in the area.
  4. Volunteer in the community more.
  5. Inspire where I can.
  6. Contribute anywhere I can be of assistance.
  7. Start hosting Woman’s Gatherings monthly.
  8. Spend more time with friends and family.
  9. Do at least one thing a week just for myself.
  10. Grow more plants ❤
  11. Start painting again.
  12. Be a leader of the resistance.
  13. Continue to educate myself on current issues and events.

I didn’t make resolutions for the new year. I never do that,I just get shit done. But as of today I feel that the lives of many change in a negative way. Maybe that won’t happen and I would be beyond thrilled if that were so,trust me. BUT already we’ve seen lives impacted. I feel a great movement coming.

I’ve lost faith in a lot of my friends and family at this point. During the election I never made posts about political crap. I DID keep asking and encouraging healthy behaviors towards mentally ill,rape victims,etc. The push back and accusations I got from these positive posts told me all I needed to know about these people. It was disheartening to say the least.

*I want to be on the side that helps anyone that needs it.

*I want to lift up my flag and lead the resistance.

* I want to gather and make art with you and through it let our voices be heard.

* I want you to be able to contact me ,at any time, and tell me you are scared and why…let’s cry about it together.

* I want to have less panic attacks and depressions spells. I think my doing all these things above…that i can help you and that will help me.

We are all in this boat now together. What role would you like to play? Are you the captain or the one poking holes in the floor?

*Women,not just the ones with babies inside them and not just little girls…need rights

*Humans with different sexual orientations than your own…need rights

*People who aren’t white…need rights

Will you fight?

I’m a woman so I will stand for women’s rights but I’m also a human and I stand for everyone. Together we stand..divided we fall. Let’s do this! ❤

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